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Buff Babe With Bare Breasts

Monday, February 20th, 2012

Although some of my male friends call me a “female muscle slut” I still go to the gym to workout topless when ever I can.

Usually it has to be after hours on Thursdays because my friend Jenny is the manager then and going bare-breasted while I do my routines is no big thing.

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I don’t care if the guys stare and snicker on the other days I’m there. I’m used to it. Ever since I started working out and gaining muscle the guys have been commenting on my body and I have to say I love it! Why else would I spend SO many long hours in the gym lifting weights and working out if I didn’t want to be admired?

Shallow? No! Just healthy and natural!

So girls, ditch those tops and hit the reps, it will do wonders for your confidence and self esteem!

(Busty and Buff)

I Also Enjoy Bikini Catfights And Grappling!

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Muscle Sluts Topless Workout Time

Tuesday, February 7th, 2012

Those damn sports bras are such a pain in the … BREASTS!

They pinch and bind so much me and my training partner Kathy ditched ours, much preferring to workout topless in the gym.

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“Working Out Topless Is SO Much Easier!”

And since we belong to an all female bodybuilder gym, it’s no big deal to be bare breasted. In fact, since we started doing it almost ALL the women that use the gym go topless!

But can you imagine if we tried doing that at a mixed gym? The guys would be all overs us like flies on honey!

Bet we WOULD get some nice phone numbers though, huh? LOL.

(Buff and bare breasted)

Topless At Mardi Gras Is Fun Too!

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Topless In The Gym

Thursday, December 2nd, 2010

Now THIS is the way we like our girls to work out, right? Tits out and nipples bared!

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I Think I Might Go Bottomless Today Too!

Bare-breasted babes in the gym is something that actually is not all that strange. If you’ve ever been in an all women’s gym, you’d see they tend to be a lot less worried about being topless while working out and doing their bodybuilding routines. After all, with no horny guys to be staring at them (one of the biggest reasons women don’t like going to the gym) they can concentrate on their training and not trying to cover up their tits and ass! BUT US GALS STILL LIKE TO PEEK!

“I have to admit it too, I was staring at the girl next to me as she rode the bike. Her ass was just SO tight and hard! I want mine to be like that someday!”

(Working out and building muscle)

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Bare Breast Gym Babe

Thursday, September 16th, 2010

You know that we gals love working out topless right? Not having a sports bra riding up your back or pinching your tits while you try to work out is SO nice! Too bad MORE gyms don’t offer a “clothing optional” section, you know?

picture of a nude muscular girl
Want To Join MY Gym?

Of course we all know the guys would be lining up outside to join – and then would probably spend most their time checking out the topless muscle girls rather than working out themselves! LOL!

“I tried to start an all nude gym in my town but the local council had a bunch of church ladies on it who had a shit and said I was the spawn of the devil for even thinking of such a thing! Of course the morons had never read a history book and seen that even the Olympics in ancient times was done in the nude!”

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